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Key Information:

Thinking of booking this tour? Great! This is what you will need to know: 

Is this a group tour or a private tour?

We offer this tour in 3 forms:

(1) A small group tour – the group size is capped at 12 passengers

(2) A “semi private tour” in which you receive a private tour guide on days 2, 3, 5 and 7 and join group tours on days 4 and 6

(3) A private tour – your own guide and transport throughout

What are the tour dates?

Our small group tour commences on the first Monday of every month.   If you select a semi  private or private tour you can select any date you wish

What does the tour cost?

3095The total cost of your tour will be based on whether you choose a group, semi  private or private tour and your chosen hotel class. The following are the costs based on 2 passengers in double room. For single supplement (or a price for a triple room) please contact us directly:

Small Group  Semi Private  Private tour 
Comfort Hotels $2386 $2795 $3445
Superior Hotels $2686 $3095 $3745
Which hotels do you use?
Comfort Class Superior Class
Jerusalem Prima Park or Prima Royale or similar Leonardo Boutique or similar
Galilee Nof Tavor or similar Nof Tavor or similar
Tel Aviv Maxim Hotel or Prima City or similar Cinema Hotel or similar



What's included?

The cost of your tour includes:

  • Airport transfers
  • Your chosen class of hotel
  • Breakfast daily
  • Licensed tour guides
  • All ground transport during tour hours
  • All site entry
  • 24 hour assistance



Day 1: Welcome

Welcome to Israel. You may arrive through the day and rest.
Overnight: Jerusalem

Day 2 - The Holy Week

Today you will explore the final week prior to Jesus’ crucifixion. You will begin at the Mount of Olives. Despairing of corruption in Jerusalem, Jesus instead camped out on the Mount, then just outside the city. You will see where Jesus wept over the wickedness of the people, where He taught the Lord’s prayer, where He was betrayed and arrested, where He ascended to heaven 40 days after the Resurrection, and His mother Mary’s tomb. 
Entering the walls of the Old City, you will continue to the site of the trial by Pontius Pilate, and see the Stations of the Cross leading to the church of the Holy Sepulcher where Jesus was crucified, buried, and from which he arose.
Overnight: Jerusalem

Day 3 - Bringing the Bible to Life

This morning you will tour the Jewish quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem. You will see the Tower of David, the Arab markets, the tomb of King David, the broad wall built by King Hezekiah as described by the prophet Isaiah, the room of the Last Supper, the Roman marketplace and the Western Wall.
Exiting the Old City, you will continue to the City of David, where you will see the earliest Jewish settlement site in Jerusalem. Your tour will include what many scholars believe to be the remnants of David’s palace, the water tunnel of King Hezekiah, and a street connecting you to the main thoroughfare of Jerusalem at the time of Christ.
Overnight: Jerusalem

Day 4 - Masada and Dead Sea

This morning you will travel south into the Judean desert. Your first stop will be Masada, the cliff top fortress of Herod the Great, the king who sought to murder all male babies to prevent prevent Jesus bringing salvation.
Ascending Masada you will view the magnificent suspended palace, the Roman bathhouses, the Jewish ritual baths, the enormous storage rooms, the ancient synagogue, the UNESCO listed Roman military siege system, and the destroyed walls. You will also hear the tale of the heroes who chose death over forced idolatry.
Departing Masada you will continue to the Dead Sea, where you will enjoy the unique sensation of floating on water. In the evening, you will return to Jerusalem.
Overnight: Jerusalem

Day 5 - Little town of Bethlehem

This morning you will travel to Bethlehem, birthplace of Jesus. You will see the Shepherds’ Field, and Manger Square, before visiting the Church of the Nativity to see the grotto in which Jesus was born.
In the afternoon you will return to Jerusalem to visit the Israel museum where you will see the Dead Sea Scrolls and a large scale model of Jerusalem from Jesus’ time.
Overnight: Jerusalem

Day 6 - Galilee, Home of Christ

Today you will travel north to Nazareth, hometown of Jesus. You will see the Basilica of the Annunciation where the angel Gabriel informed Mary of her forthcoming pregnancy, and the site tradition associates with Joseph’s workshop.
Leaving Nazareth you will cross the Galilee, seeing Kfar Kana where Jesus turned water into wine, before arriving at Capernaum, where Jesus is believed to have based His ministry, and where Peter lived. You will see the ancient synagogue and get up close to touch the water on which Jesus walked. Afterwards, you will visit the site of the miracle of the fishes and the loaves, and the site of the sermon on the mount
You will visit the baptism site, before traveling south to Tel Aviv 
Overnight: Tel Aviv

Day 7 - Tel Aviv

This morning you will explore Israel’s cultural capital. You will see Jaffa, where Simon the Tanner lived and from which Jonah tried to flee God. You will also visit the church where Peter had one of his most significant visions.
In the afternoon you will explore the modern foundations of Tel Aviv.
Your tour ends this evening.
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