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Key Information:

Thinking of booking this tour? Great! This is what you will need to know: 

Is this a group tour or a private tour?

We offer this tour in 3 forms:
(1) A small group tour – the group size is capped at 12 passengers

(2) A “semi private tour” in which you receive a private tour guide on days 2, 3, 6 and 9 and join group tours on days 4, 5, 7 and 8

(3) A private tour – your own guide and transport throughout

What does the tour cost?

The total cost of your tour will be based on whether you choose a group, semi  private or private tour and your chosen hotel class. The following are the costs based on 2 passengers in double room. For single supplement (or a price for a triple room) please contact us directly: 

Small Group  Semi Private  Private tour 
Comfort Hotels $3595 $4595 $5795 
Superior Hotels $3895 $4895 $6095
Which hotels do you use?
Comfort Class Superior Class
Jerusalem Prima Park or Prima Royale or similar Leonardo Boutique or similar
Galilee Nof Tavor or similar Nof Tavor or similar
Tel Aviv Maxim Hotel or Prima City or similar Cinema Hotel or similar



What's included?

The cost of your tour includes:

  • Airport transfers
  • Your chosen class of hotel
  • Breakfast daily
  • Licensed tour guides
  • All ground transport during tour hours
  • All site entry
  • 24 hour assistance

Christmas in Bethlehem


Day 1 - 21 December 2020

Welcome to Israel. Our team will collect you at Ben Gurion International Airport and provide a transfer to your resort. On arrival you will have the rest of the day to rest. We suggest making use of the pool and facilities. If you wish, we can help you reach a Sunday service.

Overnight: Ramada Hotel, Jerusalem   


Day 2 - 22 December 2020

This morning you will begin your tour in earnest by visiting the Old City of Jerusalem  You will see:

  • The Jaffa Gate;
  • The Tower of David;
  • The room of the last supper;
  • The tomb of King David;
  • The columned main street of Roman Jerusalem;
  • The excavated wall built by King Hezekiah in 722 BC, described in the book of Isaiah;
  • The Western Wall;
  • The Anatolian Fortress where Pontius Pilate tried Jesus;
  • The church of the Flagellation where Jesus accepted the cross;
  • The church of the Holy Sepulchre where most denominations believe that Jesus was crucified and buried;
  • The burial cave that by tradition was that of Joseph of Arimathea, who gave the first (earlier) tomb that he purchased to Jesus after the crucifixion.

In addition to the church of the Holy Sepulchre, some denominations believe that there is a second possible site of crucifixion at the Garden Tomb. If you wish, we will visit the Garden Tomb before concluding our day.

Overnight: Ramada Hotel, Jerusalem  



Day 3 - 23 December 2020

This morning you will visit the Mount of Olives where Jesus spent much of the final week before the crucifixion.  You will see:

  • The world’s oldest continually used cemetery, located atop the mount;
  • A view of the temple mount where Herod’s temple stood (and where Jesus overturned the tables of the money changers);
  • The Dominus Flavitt church where Jesus is believed to have cried over the corruption within Jerusalem;
  • The garden of Gethsemane where Jesus was betrayed and arrested;
  • What many denominations believe to be the tomb of the Virgin Mary;
  • The Ascension church from which Jesus is believed to have risen to heaven, 40 days after the resurrection.

In the afternoon, if your group can walk easily, you will continue to the City of David where you will see:

  • what many archaeologists believe are the remnants of King David’s palace;
  • A huge water tunnel dug by King Hezekiah to protect Jerusalem’s water supply from an Assyrian siege;
  • The excavated Siloam Pool where Jesus healed the blind; and
  • The excavated main street of Jerusalem from the time of Jesus.

Overnight: Ramada Hotel, Jerusalem  



Day 4 - 24 December 2020

This morning you will rise early to visit Bethlehem, birthplace of Jesus before the crowds arrive.  There you will see:

  • The Church of the Nativity where Jesus was born; and
  • The Shepherds’ field.

You will then join the celebrations which begin at lunch time, and continue until midnight

Overnight: Alexander Hotel, Bethlehem


Day 5 - 25 December 2020

Merry Christmas.  This morning you will return to Jerusalem and visit the Israel museum home of the Dead Sea Scrolls. The scrolls are significant as they were written around the time of Jesus. They refer to a great teacher which may be a reference to Jesus himself, and also contain all books of the Old Testament except Esther, proving such books were holy 2000 years ago.

You will then have time to soak in the Christmas atmosphere.  

Overnight: Ramada Hotel Jerusalem 


Day 6 - 26 December 2020

This morning you will travel south to Masada, the ancient mountain top fortress of King Herod. There you will view:

  • The UNESCO listed remains of Roman military camps, the most complete in the world today;
  • King Herod’s dessert palace, hanging from the side of Mount Masada;
  • The preserved Roman bathhouse;
  • The Jewish ritual baths;
  • The synagogue where Jewish rebels planned their final stand against Roman conquerors, and decided on mass suicide rather than capture.

Afterwards you will continue to the beaches of the Dead Sea to enjoy the unique sensation of floating on water at the Dead Sea.  You will then return to Jerusalem. 

Overnight: Ramada Hotel, Jerusalem 


Day 7 - 27 December 2020

This morning you will travel to the Sea of Galilee, home of Jesus’ ministry. On arrival your first stop will be Capernaum, where Peter and Mark the Tax Collector lived, and where Jesus  preached.  You will see:

  • What is believed to have been the home of Peter. Archaeologists have proven that the site was a place of pilgrimage and worship by the 2nd century, giving credence to the belief that Peter lived here, and that Jesus would have spent time in the house;
  • The ancient synagogue – the Bible tells of Jesus preaching in a synagogue in Capernaum, and an ancient synagogue still stands.

Departing Capernaum, you will travel to the Mount of Beatitudes where Jesus  delivered the Sermon on the Mount.

After a chance to be baptized in the Jordan river you travel across the Galilee, passing Kfar Qana where Jesus turned water into wine, and the plains of Megiddo where Armageddon will occur, before arriving in Nazareth, where Jesus was raised.  You will see:

  • The Church of the Annunciation where tradition hold that Mary conceived;
  • What is believed to have been the home of Mary and Joseph. 

You will then travel to Tel Aviv.

Overnight: Rothschild 22, Tel Aviv 


Day 8 - 28 December 2020

This morning you will visit Jaffa, the ancient port of the very modern city of Tel Aviv. You will see:   

  • The walls of the Old City of Jaffa and the ancient gate;
  • The home of Simon the Tanner where Peter stayed as the time that he raised Tabitha;
  • The port from which Jonah attempted to flee God;
  • St Peter’s church where Christians believe that Peter had one of his most important visions;
  • The Andromeda Hill providing one of the best views of Tel Aviv; and
  • The Jaffa flee market.

In the afternoon you will explore the sites and sounds of modern Tel Aviv including the founders square and Carmel market, as well as the city’s beautiful beach.

Your tour ends this evening


Small Group (maximum 10) – $2142 per person based on twin share rooms 

Single supplement available on request 

  • Hotels throughout trip, as set out above
  • Breakfast daily
  • Licensed tour guide throughout
  • All transportation in modern airconditioned vehicles
  • All site entry
  • Assistance for travellers with mobility issues including provision of wheelchairs
  • Resort fees and swimming pool entry fees (excluding spa treatments);
  • 24 hour assistance including assistance reaching medical facilities if required
  • Flights
  • Transport outside of tour hours
  • Anything else not set out as included in program.

*Please note that all tourists should have International Travel Insurance

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