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Day 1 - Welcome to Israel

Our team will collect you at Ben Gurion International Airport and provide a private transfer to Jerusalem, where you will have the rest of the day to rest and recover.

Overnight: Jerusalem


Day 2

This morning you will begin your tour in earnest with a private tour of the “Holy Week”. You will start at the Mount of Olives, home to the world’s oldest continually used Jewish cemetery, and some of the most important sites to Christianity. Despairing of the corruption within Jerusalem, Jesus spent much of the final week prior to his Crucifixion on the Mount of Olives, then just outside the city walls. Touring the mount this morning, you will see:

  • The ancient Jewish cemetery, considered the holiest on earth;
  • The Chapel of the Ascension, from which Christ ascended to heaven;
  • The Dominus Flavit Church from which Jesus wept while foretelling of the temple’s destruction;
  • The Church of All Nations;
  • The Garden of Gethsemane where Jesus was betrayed and arrested;
  • The Tomb of the Virgin Mary; and
  • King David’s monument to his son Absalom.

In the afternoon you will enter the walls of the Old City, where you will trace the path of the Way of the Suffering, and will visit:

  • The Anatolian Fortress where Pilate tried Jesus;
  • The Stations of the Cross;
  • The Church of the Holy Sepulchre where most denominations believe that Jesus was crucified, buried, and from which He arose.

Overnight: Jerusalem


Day 3

Today you will the Jewish and Muslim quarters of Jerusalem’s Old City.

Included in your tour will be:

  • An overview of the Old City and its four quarters;
  • A brief visit to the Armenian quarter, and discussion of the Armenians role as the first nation to accept Christ on mass;
  • The Jewish quarter, including:
    • The excavations of the broadwall of King Hezekiah referred to in Isaiah 22:9–10. Here you will see the words of the Bible come to life, as excavations provide evidence of what Isaiah described;
    • The room believed to have hosted The Last Supper;
    • The tomb of King David;
    • The Roman Cardo market and excavations adjacent to it;
    • The wall of Jerusalem destroyed by King Nebuchadnezzar at the time of Jeremiah; ISRAEL WITH PIZAZZ
    • The Western Wall;
    • The Temple Mount.
  • The Muslim quarter including:
    • The Church of St Anne;
    • The excavated Pools of Bethesda where Jesus healed a man bedridden for many years;
    • The Arab Souk.

Overnight: Jerusalem


Day 4

This morning you will enter the Palestinian territories and visit Jericho and Bethlehem.

You will visit: tour: 

  • The Mount of Temptation;
  • The oldest part of Jericho’s ruins, in which 23 layers of civilization have been discovered;
  • The Church of the Nativity;
  • Manger Square;
  • The Shepherds’ Field;
  • The Milk Grotto.

In the evening you will return to Jerusalem.

Overnight: Jerusalem


Day 5

This morning you will rise early and travel into the dessert where we will visit:

  • Masada, where you will view:
    • The UNESCO listed remains of Roman military camps, the most complete in the world today;
    • King Herod’s dessert palace, hanging from the side of Mount Masada;
    • The preserved Roman bathhouse;
    • The Jewish ritual baths;
    • The synagogue where Jewish rebels planned their final stand against Roman conquerors, and decided on mass suicide rather than capture.
  • The Dead Sea, where you will enjoy the unique sensation of floating on water. On the bus you will also pass stop at Qumram where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found, proving the existence of the Hebrew Bible in unchanged form for at least 2000 years, and will pass the site of the ancient city of Sodom, destroyed by God due to its wicked inhabitants.

Overnight: Jerusalem


Day 6

Today you will explore Israel’s coast.
Your tour will include:
  • Caesarea, a Roman style city built by Herod the great, including:
    • The ancient world’s largest artificial harbour;
    • The still standing amphitheatre; ISRAEL WITH PIZAZZ
    • The chariot racing arena.
  • The Sea Grottos of Rosh Hanikra;
  • The ancient city of Akko, capital of the crusader kingdom. There you will see:
    • The crusade fortress;
    • The tunnels the crusaders dug beneath the town;
    • The moat.
  • The city of Haifa, where Elijah the prophet battled the prophets of Baal, and the headquarters of the Bahai faith today;

You will spend the night in the Galilee.

Overnight: Galilee


Day 7

Today you will explore Nazareth, home of Jesus.
There you will see:
  • The Church of the Annunciation where Mary was informed of her forthcoming pregnancy;
  • The church at what is believed to have been Joseph’s carpentry workshop. Crossing the Galilee you will make your way past the plains of Megiddo where believers hold that Armageddon will occur. You will also see Kfar Cana from a distance. It was here that Jesus performed his first miracle, turning water to wine.

Arriving at the Sea of Galilee you will visit:

  • Capernaum, including:
    • The still standing synagogue where Jesus preached;
    • The home of St Peter;
  • The Mount of Beatitudes;
  • Tabgha. In the evening you cross the Israeli Jordanian border and travel to Amman, Jordan’s capital.

Overnight: Amman


Day 8

This morning you will rise early and see the great theatre in the center of Amman.
Departing the capital, you will travel south, stopping at Mount Nebo from which Moses looked out upon the promised land before passing away. You will also visit Madaba, home of one of the most beautiful and famous early maps of the Holy Land.
In the evening you will arrive in Wadi Musa, next to the famous Petra site.
Overnight: Petra

Day 9

Today you will explore Petra, the magnificent world heritage listed city carved into the rockface.
You will see the Sikh, the temples, the treasury, and other historic gems. In the evening you will depart for beautiful Wadi Ram.
Overnight: Wadi Ram

Day 10:

Today you will explore Wadi Ram, one of the world’s most spectacular dessert landscapes.
After a jeep tour and chance to ride a camel, you will enjoy Bedouin hospitality and learn of the ways of the desert.
In the evening you will return to Israel via the Allenby border crossing. You will make your way to Tel Aviv.
Overnight: Tel Aviv

Day 11:

 Today you will explore the Israeli cultural capital of Tel Aviv.
You will see:
  • The ancient port of Jaffa from which Jonah departed on his flight from God;
  • The home of Simon the Tanner;
  • The church where Peter had one of his most significant visions;
  • Rothschild Boulevarde where the modern city of Tel Aviv began;
  • Independence Hall;
  • The city’s beautiful beaches.

Your tour ends this evening. Bon voyage!