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Great! Here’s what you need to know. 

Is this a group or private tour?

We offer this tour in 3 forms: 

  1. As a small group tour limited to 12 passengers. 
  2. As a semi private tour in which you have a private guide on days 2, 3, 5 and 7 and join small group tours on days 4 and 6. 
  3. As a private tour with your own guide and transport throughout your stay
What are the tour dates?

 Our small group tour starts on the first Monday of every month, unless there is a Jewish religious holiday that week. If there is a Jewish holiday falling in the first week of the month, the tour will commence on the Monday of the first week in which there is no Jewish holiday. 

    How much does this tour cost?

    The cost of this tour depends on whether you choose a small group tour, semi private tour or private tour. 

    Our small group tour costs $2495 per person in a twin room at a comfort hotel, with the option of upgrading to a superior hotel for $300 per person. 

    Our semi private tour costs $2895 per person in a twin room at a comfort hotel, with the option of upgrading to a superior hotel for $300 per person. 

    Our private tour costs $3595 per person in a twin room at a comfort hotel, with the option of upgrading to a superior hotel for $300 per person. 

    What hotels do you use?

    We usually use the following hotels: 

    Prima Park Jerusalem / Jerusalem Gardens Hotel & Spa (or similar), Maxim Tel Aviv or Prima City Tel Aviv or similar

    If you purchase our hotel upgrade you will usually stay at the Leonardo Boutique Hotel in Jerusalem and either the Cinema Hotel or Hotel Rothschild 65 in Tel Aviv. 


      Our Jewish Heritage Group Tour commences on the 1st day of every month. Our group 



    Day 1: Welcome

    Welcome to Israel. You may arrive through the day and rest.
    Overnight: Jerusalem

    Day 2 - The Four Quarters

    This morning you will tour the Jewish quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem. You will see:
    • The Jaffa Gate;
    • The Tower of David; 
    • The Burnt room;
    • The broadwall of King Hezekiah as described in the book of Isaiah;
    • The Roman market; 
    • The Western Wall;
    • The Western Wall Tunnels;
    • The tomb of King David;
    • The Arab markets.

    If you wish, we will also visit the Church of the Holy Sepulcher where Christians believe that Jesus was crucified and buried. 

    Overnight: Jerusalem

    Day 3 - City of David and Ammunition Hill

    This morning you will tour the City of David where Kings David and Solomon dwelt. You will see:
    • what many believe are the remains of David’s palace; 
    • The huge water tunnel of King Hezekiah;
    • The Siloam Pool visited by Jews prior to entering the Temple;
    • A street built by Herod the Great;
    • The main street of Jerusalem at the time of the destruction of the second temple. 

    Later you will visit Ammunition Hill, site of a key battle from Israel’s capture of the Old City.


    Overnight: Jerusalem

    Day 4 - Masada and Dead Sea

    This morning you will travel south into the Judean to visit Masada. You will see: 
    • King Herod’s magnificent suspended palace;
    • The Roman bathhouses;
    • The ancient Mikvot;
    • The ancient synagogue.

    You will also hear the story of the heroic Jewish rebels who made their last stand here.

    Later, you will have time to float in the Dead Sea.

    Overnight: Jerusalem

    Day 5 - Sacrifice and Heroes

    This morning you will tour Yad Vashem, Israel’s national Holocaust memorial and museum. You will see:
    • The Holocaust history museum; 
    • The Hall of Names;
    • The childrens’ memorial;
    • The ghetto fighters memorial;
    • The garden of the righteous among the nations.
    In the afternoon you will continue to Mt Hertzl where you will pay respects at the final resting place of Israel’s great leaders, and hear the stories of the soldiers who gave their lives in defence of Israel.
    Overnight: Jerusalem

    Day 6 - Coastal Wonders

    This morning you will travel to beautiful Caesarea where Herod built a Roman city. You will see: 
    • The large theater; 
    • The chariot racing arena; 
    • The ancient prison; 
    • The lavatorial system and aqueducts; 
    • The ancient world’s most impressive artificial harbour. 

    You will continue to Haifa, Israel’s third largest city where you will see the beautiful Bahai Gardens. 

    Your final stop will be Acre, the capital of the crusader kingdom. You will then make your way to Tel Aviv

    Overnight: Tel Aviv

    Day 7 - Tel Aviv

    This morning you will explore Israel’s cultural capital. You will see Jaffa including:
    • The port from which Jonah tried to flee God;
    • The beautiful art galleries;
    • The old gates of walled city.

    You will continue to modern Tel Aviv where you will hear the story of the foundation of the city, see independence hall, and visit the lively Carmel market.


    Your tour ends this evening.

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