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Brave and loyal followers! Long ago we resolved to serve neither the Romans nor anyone other than God Himself, who alone is the true and just Lord of mankind. The time has now come that bids us prove our determination by our deeds we have never submitted to slavery, even when it brought no danger with it. We must not choose slavery now, and with it penalties that will mean the end of everything if we fall alive into the hands of the Romans God has given us this privilege, that we can die nobly and as free men and leave this world as free men in company with our wives and children. (Elazar Ben Yair)” ― Josephus, The Jewish War

Rarely is the word epic more justified than in the tale of Masada. A tyrannical king, desperate rebels, a fierce battle, and a final act of bravery and defiance. An archaeological and national treasure, Masada is in many ways a symbol of modern Israel.

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